engage attendees via the IMVAC app

PRESENTERS:  Engage with your attendees by making your workshop/presentation interactive!  IMVAC provides a mobile phone app to conference attendees that allow them to respond to presenters polling questions in real time.


While attendees don’t want to be tested during a workshop/presentation, you may like to ask them things like:


  • Which industry they are from
  • How much experience they have
  • How they would approach a problem
  • Whether they validate their diagnoses
  • Whether they already do what you about to suggest they do
  • Or, anything that you like.


The app also allows attendees to ask anonymous questions, as no one wants to ask the “dumb” question.  By removing this stigma, presentations will become more interesting and informative through stronger interaction.


Polling/Anonymous questions are proven to be a great way to further engage your audience.

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